Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My latest Haul!

Stopped at a few places on my way to the grocery store and leaving :P Got some great polishes along the way! Pics ahead...

Yay! I found some fun stuff at a dusty! Nubars I've never seen before, and an old China glaze nude that looks like perfection! A ChG Chrome(from the golden ages?) and a wizard of ahz score! I'm very happy with the confetti polishes, since a couple of them are sorbet finishes so I don't have to buy the OPI Texas ones, and there was a dupe for Zoya Demi in there too, perrrfect! I'll tweak it and make a color that's similar but just as great!
Scored a couple OMG's and MPJ, not sure if it's the OG though, hmmm...
All in all, awesome though, I'm happy!

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